Latest Integration Articles

Latest Subscribers Articles

  • External Subscribers (video)

    How to use connect to external sources (Google Doc, etc.)

  • Using Subscription Forms

    Subscription Forms are the gateway to your mailing/SMS list. Subscribers can come directly to your application to subscribe, or you can create individual, customized subscription forms and embed them anywhere on the web.

  • Remote API

    In order to use the API, you will need to write an application that can connect to the server where Civil Dispatch is located, send a request to it and handle the response it receives from your Civil Dispatch account. Usually (if using PHP) this can be done by using CURL library.

  • Integrate Subscription Forms with WordPress

    You can embed your email marketing subscription forms on your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

  • Integrate Subscription Forms with Facebook Pages

    Civil Dispatch allows you to embed subscription forms on any website. This provides the advantage of using our software back-end, in combination with your web presence front-end.

  • Integrate Subscription Forms using the API

    Subscription Forms are excellent ways to promote your newsletter on any website, even Facebook.

  • Integrate Mailing/SMS List Subscriptions with Joomia

    You can integrate subscriptions to your mailing/SMS lists in Joomla, which get displayed on the Registration page, and Your Details (profile update) public page.

  • How to Use Database Sync

    Civil Dispatch allows you to add subscribers (email/SMS addresses) in to your system through several different methods. One of these methods is through a feature called Database Sync.