Managing Your Contacts


Manage your alert list with ease
Build your alert list and manage your subscribers more effectively. Civil Dispatch will assist with list grown and will personalize your alerts for greater results.

Learn more about individual subscribers
You can view individual details for each subscriber. See their subscription history, actions they've taken (links clicked, alerts opened, etc..), alerts they've received, alerts that will send to them in the future, and more.

Import your existing subscribers and members
Import subscriber emails, mobile numbers, names, and virtually any type of custom fields (import things like age, city, position in organization, and virtually any other type of data you wish to import)

Create custom subscriber fields
Store & manage any type of subscription data. You can create custom fields to store subscriber data such as drop downs, text fields, radio buttons, and more.
You can then segment your alerts and personalize alerts with subscriber data.

Subscription forms for your site
Add customized subscription forms to your website to allow your visitors to your lists. You can customize the look and feel of the form to match your existing web design for seamless integration.

Send targeted campaigns with list segments that group subscribers matching specific conditions about their profile, history, and actions.