Supplying Conditional Content

While preparing custom messages for users, it's often useful to display specific verbiage based on a personalization tag. In other words, if a personalization tag matches a certain condition, such as First Name being "Jim," you can provide a unique message in such situations.

This allows you to fine-tune your custom messages to users, and provide a much more personalized experience.

This feature is applicable for sections such as email confirmation sets (Opt-In/Out), messages, and subscription form completion options.

Just look for the appropriate button in the editor:

Supplying Conditional Content 1

Clicking this button will open a window for you to supply your conditions:

Supplying Conditional Content 2


Choose a specific Personalization Tag, then choose the condition that needs to be matched for certain content to show (or not show).

For example, here I've chosen to customize my message to all users with a first name of Jim:


Supplying Conditional Content 3


When I hit "Insert," some logic appears in the body of the message:


%IF $FIRSTNAME == 'Jim'%
Insert Content Here
Insert Alternative Content Here


We are now free to edit the individual message that appears if a users' first name is Jim, or if their first name is not Jim.

Notice the text that says, "Insert Content Here." This is where you supply your message for users named Jim. The section that says, "Insert Alternative Content Here" is where your message goes for users not named Jim.


Be very careful not to modify or move the control tags. These tags include any text inside a percentage sign:


%IF $FIRSTNAME == 'Jim'%


If you modify or move these tags, your conditional content will not render properly.