Integrate Mailing/SMS List Subscriptions with Joomia

You can integrate subscriptions to your mailing/SMS lists in Joomla, which get displayed on the Registration page, and Your Details (profile update) public page.

Make sure you are using version 5.0.20, or greater, of Civil Dispatch.

Installation steps

Download the Joomla component, and install it in Joomla under Extensions > Install/Uninstall.

Screenshot of Joomla admin page


You should see a message saying it was installed successfully.

From the menu items along the top, visit Components > Email Marketing Subscriptions > Installation Instructions.


Screenshot of Joomla admin page


Under System Checks, make sure all checks have passed (indicated by a green message):


Screenshot of Joomla admin page


The system requirements are as follows:

  1. cURL must be installed.
  2. PHP must be version 5.
  3. PHP function allow_url_fopen must be set to "On".

Next, proceed to modify each file listed. Make sure to backup the files first, so if you need to replace them at some point, you can do so.

When you're done modifying the files, visit the Settings section.

Provide your Civil Dispatch URL, admin username and password. Make sure to include "/admin/api.php" at the end of your URL. Hit "Save" in the upper-right corner.


Screenshot of Joomla admin page


Next, visit the Select Lists section, and select which lists you'd like to appear on the public side on the Registration form page, and Your Details page:


Screenshot of Joomla admin page


Upon saving, users should see a new form field which will allow them to choose lists to subscribe to. While editing their user profile, they can easily unsubscribe to any lists they already subscribed to: