Ways to celebrate the holidays while social distancing

With Christmas and new years in just a few days, many people are wondering if it can be possible to celebrate the same way during a pandemic. It has been a long nine months of social distancing and safety protocols, and many are weary for it all to be over. 

While the United States did just approve the Pfizer vaccine for the coronavirus, it will not be given out quickly enough to enjoy the holidays with as many people as you would like. Expanding your circle of people you interact with at this moment is not recommended and poses a potential safety risk.

While no one wants to be celebrating Christmas alone, there are definitely still ways to have some safe fun this season. 

1. Outdoor gatherings 

While gathering indoors is still a no-no, outdoor celebrations can be safe when the proper precautions are taken. The more ventilation there is, the safer the event can be. However, outdoor events should still be combined with other safety measures such as frequent hand washing and social distancing. Quarantining 14 days before and after the event should be done whenever possible, and it might still be best to avoid the hugs and kisses this year. 

2. Drive-by visits 

When you live close by to family and friends, an outdoor gathering might be a solution, but given the time of year, it is usually too cold to spend a long amount of time outside. Drive-by visits can be another creative solution to avoid celebrating Christmas alone. Have everyone make their normal dishes that they would and create holiday to-go plates that you can drop off. Smile and wave from your car and feel good knowing that you still got to see them this year. 

3. Watch your favorite movies

It can be hard to be sad about celebrating Christmas alone when your favorite holiday movie is on! These movies are designed to lift your spirits and fill you with holiday cheer. Your favorite holiday movies can best be enjoyed curled up with your favorite blanket, a warm cup of hot chocolate and some of grandma’s secret recipe apple pie! 

4. Do something charitable

Add charitable acts to your holiday to-do list. Giving back is a great way to remind yourself of all the good things you have in your life. While you might be feeling lonely this year you can gain a connection to others by volunteering. While you will have to check with local restrictions to see what volunteer opportunities are available, donating presents or money to your favorite charity can be a great opportunity to do some good from a distance. Another great COVID volunteer opportunity could include doing a grocery run for someone who is high risk

5. Virtually open presents 

If you usually travel for the holidays because you do not live close to family and this year you will be celebrating Christmas alone, consider opening your presents virtually! When you get a package in the mail from someone, wait to open it until they are available to facetime, skype or zoom. This can help to recreate some of that Christmas magic, even at a distance! 

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